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Check Out The Results of some of The Million Dollar Tradie members

“After back costing our jobs we found out we were losing money on our ‘best’ client making 19-21 trips to simple house builds!  We’ve changed our processes and improved our gross margin from 18% to now making 36% – 38%.  We now price work to make money rather than to just get the job.  We now have a strong management team in place including an Operations Manager, Office Manager, and Pricing Manager so I can work on the business.  Sales have grown by $1.6 million and we’ve taken on 6 new tradesmen.”

Mark Watkins - Advanced Plumbing

“Turnover had increased by 60% in the last 12 months, gross profit margins increased right across the board. The business isnt in my head anymore, we have the systems in place now and working well. We have let go of the control and trust in our staff… We now have our lifestyle back!!!”

James & Tania - JT Plumbing

“Before joining the program we were the classic plumbing business. We had 10 odd tradesmen and an office team but we were running around busy, hectic and not really sure whether we were making money.  We’ve now got our numbers sorted out and our margins and profits are improving massively. Our labour utilisation was killing us at around 70% and now we’re hitting around 90%.  We’ve also got our website, ad words and No Cow Boys up an running. We are getting around 60 leads a month and 30 to 35 jobs.  I’m still amazed at how well it all works.”

Peter Carter - JT Carter Plumbers

“We used to work nights and weekends until we jumped on board with Profitable Tradie, we then changed our mindset, got an understanding of our financials, stopped working nights and weekends and went from feeling like “slaves to our business" to taking a holiday, systemising the business, refocusing our team and increasing gross profit from 30% to 45%”

Luke and Ali Hughes - LA Hughes

I was working my arse off and always behind on paying suppliers and doing about 60 hours on the tools each week. We crunched our numbers and worked out that our profit margin was about 17% and now we’ve gone up to about 36% average. We’re pricing properly, I check my hourly rate, and profit margin is right before I put the job through. All the changes are making us an extra 10k gross profit per month!

Brad and Tara – Harbour City Plumbing

“In 4 months we’ve collected over $90,000 outstanding debts and improved our sales process so that we always take a 50% deposit for any decent sized jobs.  This has meant we know that the client is in a position to pay.  We’ve hired 2 Plumbers and an Admin Person and improved our profits by $11,800 per month through pricing for the right margins and back costing our jobs.  I’ve also had more time to work on getting more jobs through our bigger clients and we’ve won several large contracts that I didn’t have time to follow up before.”

Nigel Neustroski - Neustroski Plumbing & Gas

I was deep in debt with my suppliers, my margin was hovering around 22% and I was out of control. Now I consistently hit 35% plus. I've systemised my business, hired 3 new plumbers and moved into a new premises. Debts have been cleared, I take quarterly holidays and the business now has a clear direction.

Johnny Gardner - Inline Plumbing

“Before we jumped on board with Profitable Tradie, we had become slaves to the business and customers were starting to take control. We hired a new senior plumber. He is outstanding in his work and gets along really well with the rest of the team. We then followed that by doing performance reviews with all our staff and we starting rewarding them when they had good results. Because of this our staff are now much happier and business is running much smoother. As well as this, we also increased our rates by a fair bit. Our customers were more than happy with the new rates. Thanks to these adjustments our Gross Profit has gone from 30% to 45% and our Net Profit has gone from 12% to 30%.”

Chris and Lee-Anne - K10 Plumbing

"We used to go month by month not understanding our profit and loss statements. Since coming on board 3 months ago our margins have gone up from 32% to 54%, our sales have increased by $33k per month (without hiring more staff) and I have a lot more excitement about where our business is going, something that's been lacking for years"

Graham and Sue Booker - Swift Fix Plumbing

“We’d found it very difficult hiring new staff in the past. We struggled to find people and when they did apply we had no process or idea how to decide whether they were any good. Tony has taught us how to write good ads and where to put the ads and a step-by-step process to go through when we have people apply. What we’ve found is that the guys we interview are impressed by how professional we are and that makes them want to come and work with us. We’ve hired 5 plumbers and an apprentice in the last 11 months which has helped hugely to grow our business and free up time.”

Neal and Tania Savage - Waipa Plumbing

“We’d been in business for nearly 40 years and while things had gone OK I knew that we could do better.  I was working big hours and always tied to the phone.Profitable Tradie helped massively to increase our margins by 12% meaning we are now making $10,000 to $15,000 more profit each month – simply by learning to price and back cost our work properly. In the first 4 months on the Million Dollar Plumber program I learnt more about our numbers than in the previous 40 years in business!”

Stuart Gladding– Alpha Plumbing

“I used to think I could do it all myself, I was hesitant to expand and I used to be at the mercy of the customer by pricing just to get the job. Now I’m all about my profit margin and I’ve managed to keep a strong margin while increasing my turnover from $300,000 to $800,000. I have a structured sales process so I know when I walk away from pricing a job I’m confident I’ve got the job. Since being on the program, I’ve become a lot more financially secure, I’ve bought a house and my wife tori doesn’t need to go back to work after having a baby”

Brad Martin - Leading Edge Electrical

"Before we started on the program our business was stagnated, we didn’t know where to take the business and it was just going around in circles. After being on the program for 3 months we’ve started pricing for margin rather than mark-up and after back costing our jobs we realised we were giving away big ticket fans for free which was hurting our margin. We’ve systemised the business, put set pricing in place and now have a structured hiring process. We’ve now stopped working nights & weekends and the business is now where we want it”

Jeff Cook - Jenco Electrical

“Before we started on the program we were stuck in a rut with our  mind-set and weren’t open to new ideas. Since being on board with Tony, we’ve hired more staff, systemised our business, automated our marketing and created a killer sales process where we convert 20% more quotes into jobs and we get more of the high profit work we want which as seen our gross profit increase from 28% to now consistently hitting 40%. We now take regular holidays and have our lifestyle back.”

Graeme and Michelle - Groundcover Landscaping

“We were struggling with growing our business and keeping on top of everything as we had very few systems or marketing other than word of mouth.  Through working with Profitable Tradie we’re pricing for the right margins and checking all our jobs which has seen our margins grow by 25%.  We’ve got our website and on-line marketing working, using our customer database and have a clear marketing plan.  Plus we’ve improved our hit rate with quotes through using the Profitable Tradie sales and follow up process.  Life is much more enjoyable, team is more organised, the invoicing system is all electronic, don’t have to do late nights anymore.  I find the program massively helpful for staying focused and looking at the business from a different point of view!”

Allan Gellert - Ace Electrical