16 Dec 2022

EP47: An International Athletes Guide to Mental Toughness

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Episode 47: An International Athletes Guide to Mental Toughness

We’ve got some guarantees for you as a trades business owner.

We guarantee the one day you forget your work boots the worksite safety officer will show up.

And we guarantee you would’ve had one of those moments when your mental toughness slipped, and you did something you wish you could take back.

You’re not alone it’s happened to everyone.

But when the pressures on.

You’ve got clients calling to give you a hurry up.

The accountant is on your case about cutting costs.

One of the work trucks needs to be picked up from the mechanics.

And your partner is asking you to pick up the kids.

Those moments of mental slippage seem to happen a bit more.

How would anyone keep it together when the pressure is on, people are shouting, there are expectations to meet, and directions to follow.

Sounds like you need the mental toughness of an international sportsperson.

But the bad shoulder, back pain, and beer gut suggests it might be a bit late to go down that road.

So instead of sending you to a chiropractor and then to the veggie section of the supermarket.

We interviewed an international sportsperson.

(Steaks and beers are just too good to give up).

We’re sharing it so you can steal the tips used by athletes to perform at their best mentally.

Might save you a broken tool or two when things get a bit much.


  • An understanding of the Red, Amber, and Green Zone’s
  • The mental toughness and control of an international sportsperson
  • Better results and performance in challenging situations


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