Meet the Profitable Tradie Team

The Profitable Tradie Team

As well as being dedicated to helping Plumbing and Electrical companies grow, we also have a few other specialties and quirks, that we want you to know, so you can get to know us better!

Tony Fraser-Jones: Managing Director

Damon Fisher: Marketing Manager & Strategy Coach

Toby Atkins: Marketing Coordinator

Matt Egan: Marketing Coordinator

Carolyn Reynolds : Office Manager

Tony Fraser-Jones

Managing Director

Me and Gina – The Grand Champion

MCom (Hons) … very proud on graduation day!

Not sure I’m the smartest one here … one of my team mates was an investor when Trade Me went public!

The We Buy Houses Days.

Family selfie. My 3 sons and A1 wife.

Great times make working hard worthwhile

In the beginning…

They say the battle was half won when you were born.  I was one of the lucky ones.  I arrived in this world at 6:29am on a cold July morning in 1974 … the eldest of four children.  Mum and Dad had a dry stock farm in a small rural community near Hamilton, New Zealand.  Farming was a great way to grow up and the values of hard work, self-reliance and more hard work were instilled at an early age.

I attended Elstow Primary School and at one stage the school even made it to four teachers!  Junior rugby (in bare feet on frosty ground) and helping on the farm where early highlights.  As was calf club which I managed to win three years in a row!

High School and University…

I enjoyed my time at Te Aroha College immensely and got involved in as much as I could. Now with kids of my own I can appreciate how much my parents gave up to make sure I had every opportunity! Rugby, Cricket, Basketball and Debating (I was a talker right from the get-go) were great fun. I was a bit of a geek as well. I remember Mum saying “Tony you should take a break from study and relax.” I’ve always been passionate about learning.

In 1993 I moved to study at Auckland University and had an absolute blast. I graduated with a Master of Commerce in Management and Employment Relations with First Class Honours. I wrote an 80,000 word thesis … something I’m still very proud of. I’m not sure anyone has read it since!

I was fortunate to lecture and tutor undergraduate programs whilst at University. Teaching reinforced my love of learning and was a fantastic experience. I even considered a career as an academic … but decided I like making money too much.

Getting a job…

After graduating I secured a job with a multi-national consulting business called Accenture. I moved to Wellington and had a great time with money in hand and no one else to worry about (except the student loan). Plus I got to travel extensively on the company including several trips to the United States. A highlight was being part of the team that built the Department for Courts Fines Collection Computer system. I led the team that trained all the Court’s staff on how to use the system

Down to business…

Four years at Accenture convinced me that working for someone else was like trying to put a square peg in a round hole! I looked around at a bunch of business opportunities and ended up buying a restaurant franchise called Burger Fuel. At that stage Burger Fuel only had four stores and ours was the first outside of Auckland. After 4 ½ years I sold the business and turned my investment of $35,000 cash into $325,000 profit which was a great start. BUT the process of running Burger Fuel was a brutal introduction to business.

The hours, the staff, having a young family (and trying to have a life as well)…

One night I had a moment… At the end of a 13 hour shift I slipped on some oil, knocked myself out and broke a couple of ribs. When I got home that night at 2am my wife was feeding our 6 week old son Jack. I said to her, ‘This is ridiculous. This is not how I want business to be” and I vowed to her to find a better way to make it work. Which I did… I put the restaurant under management and sold it 18 months later.

Whilst owning Burger Fuel we purchased 3 investment properties. It was a magic time when houses were going up by 10% – 13% a year. After selling Burger Fuel I set up a property trading business called 0800webuyhouses and for the next 4 years we traded $15.2million worth of property (which was great for the first 2 ¾ years). In 2009 and 2010 the guts dropped out of the property market and like many we got burnt. At one stage we were facing a negative cash flow situation of more than 100K a year to pay my bills without a viable business to do it! Not a recipe for sleeping well at night.

During that time I went to a business coaching seminar looking for inspiration for my business. I listened to the speakers and thought ‘Gee I could do that’… so I did!!

Over the last 8 years we’ve worked with over 254 businesses and specialised in helping Plumbers, Electricians and other tradesmen make more profit and create freedom from their business.

How I See Things…

I’ve always been interested in what makes some businesses successful whilst others struggle to make ends meet. Will Smith the actor says there are two keys in life. One is running (yep that’s exercise) because it teaches you discipline. Two, is reading because you can learn anything you need. Put the two together and you’re unstoppable. The way I look at it you get out of life what you put in. We are put on this earth to be creative and make the most of the capabilities we have… yet my experience is that most Plumbers only scratch the surface of what is possible.

Our clients have labelled me as “the person to call when you’re sick of thinking small.” The challenge I set for myself and you is how to continually be thinking about playing a bigger game. Better results always start with bigger thinking!

Why I do what I do

My philosophy is ‘to be the best that you can possibly be’. I believe true happiness and contentment comes from experiences shared with people you’re close with. My wife and our three sons are a huge reason why I do what I do. We have one son who has a life threatening medical condition and that puts life and business into perspective.

I love to travel and have visited Thailand, Fiji, Australia, Britain, France, the US and Europe. I look forward to taking our kids on exciting adventures to foreign speaking countries. I find the perspective you get from visiting other countries keeps you fresh and full of ideas.

Since 2009 I’ve become an exercise junky and my wife can tell if I haven’t been for a run for a couple of days. It’s hard to beat the feeling you get after a hard run or swim. Our family has some “interesting” dietary challenges so eating clean and fresh is a keen interest for me. Plus all the successful people I know take care of their health because without it you have nothing

Phil Smith

Strategy Coach

Me and my son George in Queenstown

With my wife, Maia, and our son, George on our wedding day.

In The Beginning...

I grew up with the classic Kiwi childhood – playing rugby down at the local park, saving up pocket money for the dairy, and riding my bike around the neighbourhood looking for a cluster of bikes on someone’s front lawn (how you know where all your mates are).

I was always a really sporty kid and basically played anything with a competitive outcome. My main sport was always rugby, but would settle for anything my sisters were willing to play as long as we got outside and could stretch the game out till dinner time.

My other childhood passion was music, again resulting in listening to everything with a tune, and eventually learning a range of instruments so I could play along. Too bad I can’t sing to save my life!

High School and University...

I went to High School at Mount Albert Grammar, where I was a member of the Auckland champion and National runner up First XV, among other sports. Academics was always something I achieved in, but sport was my true passion.

I began a degree in Physiology and Biomechanics, hoping to one day be involved with high performance sport. After a year or so of my study I realised I was signing up for a lifetime of sitting in a lab and that maybe it wasn’t for me, so I started thinking of other careers I may enjoy. Up until then I’d been working various Pub/Bartending jobs, and had recently taken up a sales role with Vodafone, and had always dreamed of playing rugby professionally.

Putting In Work...

After finishing my degree, I had a stint playing rugby in France, and was able to see and do so many cool things all around the world. Ultimately, an injury would get the better of me and I would return to NZ. Rugby had been an amazing opportunity but wouldn’t end up being a career I could bank on – I had to get a real job!

After going back to Vodafone in a management capacity, I ended up taking a risk and moving into a sales management role within Michael Hill Jeweller, where I eventually rose to a Head Office position – Running the Learning and Development for all of NZ. This opportunity ignited my passion for business and people management, and helped me finally find my career!

How I See Things...

I will always love sport and music as my main hobbies, and would never turn down an overseas adventure, but my favourite hobby of all is spending time with family and friends. I am a social guy who is always keen for an activity, and I spend as much time as possible with my wife, Maia, and our son, George.

I believe life is made up of opportunities, and the way to get the most out of life is to take as many of those opportunities as possible – even if it pushes you outside your comfort zone!

Damon Fisher

Marketing Manager & Strategy Coach

My partner Zoe and I Playing tennis

Hanging with my mate in Bali

My Waikato University Football Team

In the beginning…

Life for me began over the ditch in Brisbane, Australia. After chasing a few kangaroos around the block, I decided a change was in order. At the tender age of 3, I crossed the ditch to wrangle a few sheep in New Zealand and ended up settling in the majestic Mount Maunganui.

After settling for 15 years and completing my high schooling at Tauranga Boys college I decided to head offshore for a new overseas adventure, this time I was off to Michigan, USA. I had a three month stint as a cabin leader at Camp America and loved every moment. This is where I developed a real thirst for travel.


After a brief working spell in Melbourne (post USA) it was back to the books, this time at the University of Waikato. I completed a Bachelor of Management Studies, double majoring in Marketing and Human Resource Management, achieving first class honours. During my university studies, I slipped on the lycra and completed a marketing internship at the Avantidrome/ Home of Cycling. I learnt lots and discovered marketing definitely was a career I wanted to pursue. I was also involved in some shameless campaigning and after a few “I have a dream” speeches I was elected into a marketing position on the board for the Waikato Management School Students Association. This is where I developed a particular interest in online marketing and I haven’t looked back since. It’s fair to say I’m a pretty big fan of learning, especially if it’s marketing related – give it to me for breakfast… (yes, literally).  

How I See Things…

 I’m a bit of a sports fanatic, I love all forms of sport and I particularly enjoy tennis and football (BIG Liverpool fan here!). I play football for the mighty University of Waikato and can be known to bang in the odd goal. Traveling’s also a biggy for me, nothing beats roaming unexplored territory and experiencing different cultures.

I’m a pretty social chap, so I really look forward to having a beer with you sometime!

Toby Atkins

Marketing Coordinator

Speaking at the 2017 WADA Global Symposium

Speaking at 2017 UCI World Championships

Mid race, Yorkshire, UK

In the beginning…

I was born in Nottingham, UK but moved to New Zealand at the age of 13. I was lucky enough to spend my teenage years growing up on the Coromandel Peninsula where my family had a small motel. Life was pretty different to England but I fell in love with the Kiwi lifestyle. Beach life was great but I knew to have a career I had to move on to somewhere new. Once school was all finished I moved to Hamilton for University and I’ve been a Waikato lad ever since!

High School and University...

Growing up in Coromandel Town meant that I went to the tiny Coromandel Area School with 250 students from year 1 to 13. A lot of my subjects were correspondence based but it taught me the self motivated mindset needed for University and the real world. After my final year of school as Head Boy I decided to head to the mighty University of Waikato to study a Bachelor of Management Studies with a major in Marketing. I thrived at University and took every chance that life threw at me. After my 2nd year I spent 6 months racing as professional cyclist living in Italy, after my 3rd year I headed to the UK to do an internship with a reputable motorsport company, before finally coming home to the Waikato to put everything I had learnt into practice.

How I See Things...

I’ve always had a passion for sport, but my talents are in cycling. If I’m not in the office, chances are I’m on my bike! I spent a fair few years racing however, you’ll still occasionally spot me at the odd race around the Waikato Area.

My favourite pass time these days is catching up with mates over a cold beer. I’m also a huge coffee drinker, so a long black is my drink of choice before 5pm!

I love to travel and have seen a lot of the world, but somehow, I’ve not seen a lot of New Zealand. Over the next few years I plan on exploring what our great country has to offer!

Matt Egan

Marketing Coordinator


In The Beginning...

Life for me began in beautiful Tauranga where my parents had lived most their lives. I’m lucky enough to have had a true Kiwi upbringing: Lots of time hanging out at the beach with friends, icecreams and K-Bars from the dairy and primary schools, where your lunch would always go missing from your backpack.

Though it’s the now the fastest growing city in NZ, Tauranga will always be a small town to me with my friends there having become friends for life.

High School and University...

After successfully graduating from Waikato University with a Bachelor of Communications I’ve looked back at my time ‘in school’ as a journey with ups and downs. While it’s easy for me to feel cooped up in a classroom setting I can be a real geek for the subjects I’m passionate about (namely marketing and growing businesses!). I found my academic stride at Waikato Management School. Not long after my first year I found myself heavily involved in Uni life; tutoring papers, judging tradeshows, coordinating student events, you name it I was there, taking on responsibilities like I had something to prove.

Putting In Work...

Graduation came all too fast and I jumped into the world of work with no idea what to expect.  After getting some essential experience in sales for a tech start up, it was time to get serious about choosing a career path. As luck would have it, the opportunity I needed fell in my lap one day when my Father, who is a tradesman, came to me needing help re-launching his business in Hamilton. Due to his extensive experience and skills, I was easily able to get his marketing right and double his revenue in two months with no significant increase in expenses. Digital marketing has since become an obsolute obsession.

Adventures To Come...

The best part about where I’m at right now, is knowing that I’m getting out what I’m putting in. They say that you are the 5 people you spend the most of your time with, so I couldn’t be happier living here in Hamilton surrounded by friends, family and of course the awesome team at Profitable Tradie.

Big shout out to our members and those looking to come on board!

Carolyn Reynolds

Office Manager

Me & Kids


In The Beginning...

Born and bred in the Waikato – I spent my first 6 years living in Huntly, before my parents went dairy farming in Horsham Downs.  The usual farming fun was had – hay barn tunnels, duck shooting, tadpoling, climbing trees, calf club, helping in the cowshed (although Dad would say hindering) – pretty much anything that involved gumboots and overalls.


My sister and I attended the then very small Horsham Downs Primary School.  Sacred Heart Girls’ College followed, leaving early to begin my Administration career in Hamilton.

Life for me...

At the young age of 21 my now husband Matt and I eloped to Las Vegas after winning a radio competition.  Overseas travel was next on the agenda, visiting London, Europe, Australia, Samoa, Fiji, Las Vegas again, and more recently Bali.

We’ve bought, lived and sold houses in Hamilton, Whangamata, Huntly and finally Pauanui, where we have recently returned to Hamilton from with our two sons, Oliver and Thomas.

At two different stages in life, we owned and unfortunately failed in two building businesses.  If a business like Profitable Tradie was around back then, we most certainly would have been successful in our business endeavours!

I enjoy socialising, a good glass of wine and a sunny day!  I’m excited to join the team and look forward to meeting you all!


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