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Why We Do What We Do

During my time in property renovation I worked with lots of different service based trades businesses, and got to know the struggles they were experiencing. Despite being extremely talented tradespeople, the common issue was that they were having trouble with running a business.

So in 2010 I established Profitable Tradie, a business coaching service specializing in equipping tradespeople with the business knowledge and tools to be confident and successful business owners. Since then Profitable Tradie has grown massively and with staff and members in countries all over the world, and the courses have been refined and enhanced to get substantial results immediately for our members.
We are keeping the momentum going, taking our coaching to countries around the world. Business isn’t really something that’s taught at school, or as a trade is learnt, and it certainly isn’t second nature to everyone, but that shouldn’t be the reason talented tradespeople aren’t able to reap the rewards they deserve for being exceptional at their trade.
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Our Vision & Mission


Our vision is to help the owners of tradie and service businesses create a business and life that they never knew was possible.What does this mean in practice?Most business owners want to fix their business so that it isn’t broken anymore.They want enough money to live comfortably and enough time to enjoy the things that are important to them.We help them fix their business then we teach them how to use their business as a vehicle to create wealth and freedom that they didn’t know was possible for them.Examples of the future that members didn’t realize was possible include…* Generating $1,000,000 or more in net profit per year.* Taking a 6 to 12-week vacation or holiday from the business.* Employed a General Manager and removed the owners from the day-to-day operations.* Selling the business for a 7 or 8-figure sum. Even more exciting is the impact on our member's personal lives…Better relationships with children because of less stress and more time Better relationships with partners and spouses with lower stress levels Amazing experiences like travel, holiday homes, and toys because the business is so successful.

Who We Are

Find who we are, what we are about, and why we want to help you help trades business owners build better businesses.
Our Values
Learn more about the core values our team live by every day. Our values have been carefully chosen to extract the best out of the team, ensuring that our members are getting our best, day in and day out. Aligned with our mission and vision, the values serve as a constant reminder of what’s required to create an environment that helps our members to create a business that before they thought was impossible.


We are always looking to learn new things inside and outside of work. This is to be encouraged by all team members.
“Every day we participate in learning new things”
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Great Experiences

We believe that it’s important to create memorable experiences in all areas of our business, for our clients, staff, joint venture partners and all other people we come in contact with. Having fun and work life balance is very important to us.
“We create interesting fun experiences”

World Class

We aim to exceed expectations with everything we do, from content creation to interactions with others we aim to be world class.
“We are the best at what we do”

Honesty & Integrity

We approach situations with honesty and behave in a respectful manner with staff, clients and all other business relationships. We are not afraid to be honest with each other and ourselves when we need help. We encourage each other to communicate openly and honestly.
“Honesty is embraced and respected”

Results Driven

We always strive to do our best and meet all KPIs. We take accountability for things when we make mistakes, we don’t not shift blame onto others.
“We stay motivated to achieve results and take responsibility for our actions”
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Our Benefits

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Continual professional and personal growth. We push our clients to grow which means we must walk the talk. You’ll be exposed to international quality speakers, books, audio books and personal growth hacks that the winners use.


A positive and growth focused culture where everyone is expected to contribute to the direction of the business. We have quarterly planning sessions to decide what new and exciting projects we want to work on next.


A results based and supportive work culture where we value the contribution of our people and are committed to seeing you develop to your full potential. We run six monthly performance appraisals and a weekly 20-minute coaching session with each team member to ensure you are supported in your work.


A fun environment where laughter is compulsory and long faces are banned. There’s a lot of office banter. We have team fun days three times per year. Clay bird Shooting, Rock Climbing, Croquet, Archery, Food (and the odd drink).


Work remotely from anywhere in the world. Our business model allows us to bring on talented people from all across the globe to work in our team. We provide training and resources to get you set up.
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