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Free Resources For Business Owners

Real Hourly Labor Cost Calculator

Trades business owners often underprice the cost of an hours worth of labor from their team. With so many hidden costs it’s important to know the real cost so that labor can be charged correctly to protect the profit margin of any given job.

Systems Roadmap

Systemizing a trades business can be an overwhelming process with lots of owners not knowing where to start. This guide lists all the systems and processes required to create a streamlined business that gives the owner control.

Planning for Profit Calculator

Trades business owners think profit is just what’s leftover once all the bills are paid, assuming there’s anything left at all, which can cause a lot of stress. Profit should be budgeted for, this calculator shows you exactly how much revenue you need to hit your profit goal.

Having Difficult Conversations

Having difficult conversations with staff can be a scary proposition as it’s easy to do more bad than good. This episode tackles having the tricky chats with confidence and controlling the outcome.