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The Profitable Tradie Story

I've been in the thick of business most of my life – from my time at Accenture handling all kinds of management issues, to running my own gourmet burger joint, and even running a property renovation company. During that time, I worked closely with lots of trades businesses and saw the struggles they were facing up close. Even though they were top-notch at their trades, the day-to-day business stuff was giving them a hard time.
I then rolled up my sleeves and dove deep into the world of plumbing businesses, figuring out the ins and outs of how they operate. I started translating what I knew about business into easy-to-digest modules and resources that anyone could use. In 2010, I kicked off Plumbers Coach, a business coaching gig aimed at arming plumbers with the know-how and tools to run a solid business with confidence. It didn't take long to see some jaw-dropping results with our first clients, and word started spreading fast in the trades industry.I quickly caught on that it wasn't just the plumbers who were in this boat. Many others in service-based trades were facing the same hitches. So, I tweaked and expanded our offerings to help other trades business owners too, and that's how Profitable Tradie came to life.
I couldn't get enough of helping skilled tradespeople transform into confident business owners, reinventing their businesses to rake in more profits, reclaim their time, and take charge fully. Since then, Profitable Tradie has just skyrocketed, with a fantastic team and members popping up all over the globe. I can now confidently say after years of testing and tweaking, our courses are the best in the business and get our members instant results.

Where We Are Going

We are keeping the momentum going, taking our coaching to countries around the world. Business isn’t really something that’s taught at school, or as a trade is learnt, and it certainly isn’t second nature to everyone, but that shouldn’t be the reason talented tradespeople aren’t able to reap the rewards they deserve for being exceptional at their trade.
That why we are constantly improving our modules and resources, while also upskilling as coaches, so that we can give our members everything they need to be confident and successful business owners. Doing so helps them create businesses they didn’t know were so easily achievable, and unlock lives that are far more fulfilling. We strive to make it easier and more rewarding for driven tradespeople to keep doing what they love and what they’re good at.
We will continue to add more talented people to our team, upskill, and improve the courses we provide to our members. We will expand our reach around the globe, helping more and more business owners.
Our vision is to give the driven owners of service-based trades, subcontracting, and construction business the plans, tools, and help required to be confident business owners equipping them to build a business that they didn’t know they could attain, creating a more rewarding and fulfilling life.
Our mission is to generate 100 million dollars in total net profit for our members, we currently sit at $66,024,000. By constantly seeking out ways to improve the plans, tools, and help we provide our members we will consistently be improving the way members can overcome challenges, regain control, and improve profitability in their businesses, resulting in a life they wouldn’t of thought was possible.

Who’s Running the Show

We practice what we preach when it comes to hiring. We have an 11-step hiring process to make sure we get best person for the job. They need to align with our company values, and share our passion for helping others succeed.

The Values We Live By

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We are always looking to learn new things inside and outside of work. This is to be encouraged by all team members.

“Every day we participate in learning new things”

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Great Experiences

We believe that it’s important to create memorable experiences in all areas of our business, for our clients, staff, joint venture partners and all other people we come in contact with. Having fun and work life balance is very important to us.

“We create interesting fun experiences”

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World Class

We aim to exceed expectations with everything we do, from content creation to interactions with others we aim to be world class.

“We are the best at what we do”


Honesty & Integrity

We approach situations with honesty and behave in a respectful manner with staff, clients and all other business relationships. We are not afraid to be honest with each other and ourselves when we need help. We encourage each other to communicate openly and honestly.

“Honesty is embraced and respected”

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Results Driven

We always strive to do our best and meet all KPIs. We take accountability for things when we make mistakes, we don’t not shift blame onto others.

“We stay motivated to achieve results and take responsibility for our actions”


Step 1: Plan

We work with you create a plan focused on the issues that are causing you the biggest headache in your business, this helps break your business renovation down into bite sized chunks. There no time lost figuring out what it is you need to work on, it’s all planned out for you with tasks and goals.

Step 2: Tools

We’ll give you the resources, webinars, and knowledge required to carry out your plan efficiently and effectively. All our templates, scripts, and tools are specifically designed for trades businesses and have been refined over the years so they get you substantial results, immediately, first time, every time.

Step 3: Help

At every step along the way you have access to help should you come a bit unstuck along the way. Our coaches will answer any questions you have and provide guidance, and there’s guaranteed to be someone else in our community of members who is dealing with the same problem willing to share their experiences and tips.

Reviews From Our Clients

These guys saved our business. They have a teaching system for EVERYTHING! I fell like I am doing another apprenticeship, this time as a Qualified Businessman.

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Profitable Tradie Has helped me and my business grow and thrive. Most of all they have changed my whole mindset I'm a more positive person with a better outlook on life. I have a clear vision for my business. Goals to hit and targets.Thank you PT Crew!!!I highly recommend PT to anyone running a business in the plumping Electrical and other service-related industries.

Gordon Brown

I wish I had joined the Profitable Tradie program 6 month earlier when I first found them. They have provided me with all the tools and support to turn my business around and improve my mindset. Hands down the best business mentorship program I've even been part of.

Emma Tillman

The team at profitable tradie are awesome! The access in the program to systems , structure and financial advice is next level. If you are stuck in a rut on the hamster wheel of always being stuck working in your business I recommend giving them a call. If you are prepared to put in the extra work and commit to the process they will help you grow , make better profit and get off the tools.


Profitable Tradie have honestly transformed our air conditioning business. They have helped us implement new permanent systems and processes we never thought were possible. Big thank you too all the team especially Dr.D.

Tom Reilly

The Profitable Tradie program is a must for anyone that feels trapped by their business, looking to grow or optimise their processes. We joined during what was considered dire straits and the empathy, but also tough love, we got was exactly what we needed. These guys tell it how it is and they are never far away. The experience and knowledge available to overwhelming. And what’s best, the coaches have mostly been in the same position as you are likely in, as such they really understand and empathise with you, and not provide just some cookie cutter answer. They hold you responsible for your own development in a somehow non-pushy way where you feel bad for letting them down rather than teacher punishing you for not doing your homework. The boot camps they do semi annually are fantastic, you get to meet the coaches, the others members, and most importantly, all like minded people. If you’re open-minded and focused on personal development, this is hands down the program for you. Plus, there’s good banter too.

sam finch

Since starting with Profitable Tradie, Tony and the team have really opened our eyes with how we should be running our business.Implementing structures, actually seeing the numbers and where we should be at with everything has really helped us out.I look forward to whats ahead for us and continuing our coaching with the team.I would strongly recommend PT to anyone that has there own business or even thinking of starting a business. 10 out of 10!

Thomas Kirby
sacha Gardner

Game changers! Incredible service, amazing team. Excited to continue business with these guys

Sacha Gardner

Profitable Tradie has not only provided us with practical tools and knowledge but also fuelled our passion for growth and development.What truly sets PT apart, is the remarkable community they have built. This supportive environment is something truly special. Not only do we gain valuable business insights, but we also made great friends along the way. It feels fantastic to be part of such a dynamic and motivated group of people who genuinely want each other to succeed!

Nikki Taylor
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