EP98: How A Holiday Shutdown Can Ruin A Business

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Episode 98: How A Holiday Shutdown Can Ruin A Business

We’re not implying you keep slaving away through the Christmas break.

But holidays and vacations are coming up for the trades businesses.

Most owners are thinking about shutting down for a few weeks to give themselves (and their team) a break.

It’s a noble idea but most business owners haven’t thought through the consequences of a holiday shutdown.

Too many trades business owners navigate the holiday period wrong and pay for it with their businesses.

And the last thing our supportive families deserve is to have Christmas ruined because the business is on its knees.

So how do you navigate this period?

That question is crucial because we know what can happen if it gets stuffed up.

But having a solid end of year plan sets you up for a successful start of next year.

With no hiccups.


  • A plan to help navigate the Christmas period.
  • Keep your business flourishing through to 2024.
  • Enjoy the holiday period.
  • Get ahead of the competition.


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