5 Jun 23

Are You Frustrated With Rework & Call Backs?

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Do you have lots of rework and callbacks on site?

Do you find that your guys make the same mistakes over and over again despite telling them multiple times?

If that’s the case, then this will be helpful.

Do you ever wonder how some plumbers and sparkies can leave their jobs to be run by their team?

They can get off-site, work on the business, and perhaps even spend some time fishing or just chilling out.

How can they do this?

Well, the answer is in one word, and that word is “Systems”.  

Systems stand for; Saving You Stress Time Effort and Money.

The way to run a business is to have the systems run the business, then your team runs the systems and your job is to lead the team.

Now systems work when you write stuff down.

So you’ve got to take what’s in your head and get it on paper so other people can follow it.

If it’s not written down, it ain’t a system.

Now developing your systems is a key part of our six-part coaching system.

You need systems both off-site and in the office, and checklists are a great example of a system.

One simple checklist that will help you get more out of your jobs and stop the rework and the callbacks is the quality assurance checklist.

You can download an example here

It’s a checklist that the guys can use when they are on-site to make sure that all the key tasks are done on the job.

It really just stops stuff from being forgotten. 

Now the key with systems, it’s going to take some hard work at the start.

You’ve got to brainstorm what to write down and get the team to help you check it out.

Then get the guys to run through it and see if it works.

There might be some adjustments needed but once it’s done, it’s going to save you a mass amount of time in the long term.

So get writing the systems down, and invest the time and effort into it, it’s going to save you a mass amount of time in the future.

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