5 Oct 23

Bootcamp, July 2023: Bringing Business Building to the Beach in Aussie.

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From sunny Surfers Paradise in Australia, we once again felt the energy and drive that only our community can bring. Over 150 of our dedicated members joined us for an unforgettable two-day Bootcamp on the 6th and 7th of July.

Over the past thirteen years, we’ve proudly embodied our core values – Honesty & Integrity, World Class, Results Driven, Learning, and Great Experiences. This Bootcamp was no exception.

We were privileged to have Phil M Jones, British author, sales trainer, and public speaker known for his expertise in sales and communication skills, as our guest speaker. He has written several books on sales and persuasion techniques, with one of his most well-known books being “Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words for Influence and Impact.” Jones is recognized for his ability to provide practical and effective strategies for improving communication and sales performance.

Building on that, Cam, dived deep into ‘The Ultimate Sales Letter’, sharing a guide to putting together a sales letter that grabs the attention of potential customers. Help you generate more work and find new businesses to work for. Phil brought it home with his module on ‘Leading with Accountability’. Teaching members how they can get accountability of their teams to reduce mistakes, improve productivity, and as a result, build a high performance culture.

Our Spotlight sessions, where members present on strategies they’ve seen success in, we had Lucian & Corey from Left Coast Scales presented on ‘Ultimate Transparency’, Gradon Conroy from Design Windows discussed ‘The Leadership Level Up’, and Doug Brennan from Southern Plumbing unveiled ‘The Unbelievable Use of the Database’.

During the Belt Ceremony, we were stoked to present 26 of our members with belts recognizing their business moving up a bracket for their annual profit. Their achievements remind us why we do what we do.

Our Client of the Quarter nominees, Curtis Hancock, Josh & Sarah McConnell, and Adrian Day, exemplify what we stand for. Recognizing their dedication and success is just one way we celebrate the commitment of our community. The award was taken out by Adrian Day.

Here’s what some of the attendees had to say…

  • “Great people, awesome knowledge, sunny location…leading with accountability” – Eddie Tell
  • “Phil Smith’s talk, Awesome sunny location, Meeting fellow members in person, Fun night out at Gaming Circue holy moly place.” – Sarah McConnell
  • “Feeling like part of the family. Being surrounded by our people.” – Daniel Askey-Doran

We finished up with our members preparing their next 6-week planning cycles, armed with insights and tools to take away ensuring tangible, impactful results. We’ve always stood firm against the misconceptions in the business industry. Our Bootcamps are a testament that our members are more than capable business owners, no matter the mold they come from.

Thanks again to the amazing Phil M Jones for his invaluable contribution, ensuring this Bootcamp will long be remembered and sharing expertise that our members will get endless value from.

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